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Sheepdog Nation

Aug 5, 2019

Policing n 2019 has an epidemic that is not being looked at properly. It is causing sheepdogs like you to think they are crazy, don't fit in and/or cannot do the job. This is false. Listen to the real problem...


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Aug 2, 2019

What happens when you stop being true to who YOU are? What happens when you've focused your entire life to getting into your career and one day something happens and you suddenly can't do the job anymore? Finding yourself and staying true to yourself is a skill the academy doesn't teach. 

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Jun 29, 2019

The not so pretty side of law enforcement is being HUMAN and having to actually deal with emotions. The truth is, even though cops may not know the officers that are getting killed personally, it takes a toll. The key for sheepdogs is to not let the job bog them down. Listen here to learn how.

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Jun 26, 2019

Where has the old school cop mentality gone? This is the kind of policing where cops had each other's backs, rookies knew their places and respect was earned. If you are a new cop, take this episode as a lesson on how you should be acting moving forward. 


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Jun 25, 2019

In the first 15 minutes of this episode, Autumn asks if you really want to date/marry a police officer and the reasons why you may want to think about it deeply. Then she turns the tables and asks the sheepdogs to take a good look at how they are treating their spouses right now.

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